Festive Décor Tips!

Festivals are all about having fun and bringing in a breath of freshness into your life. And the best way to start doing that is to give your home a makeover and get friends over to celebrate with laughter and happiness.

When it comes to festive decorating, often simpler is not only more manageable, but is way more elegant. By working with some beautiful LED’s and scattered fresh greens around the house, and even just gracefully arranging sweets, you can take your traditional decor to a whole new level.

Here are some easy tips on giving your home an instant festive makeover.

Refurbish the Layout
One of the easiest ways of giving your home a makeover is to refurbish the layout of your home. From the drawing room to the bedroom, work on creating a new furniture layout. Add a few statement furniture pieces or décor elements like artifacts in boring corners and light up dull areas to create that warm festive glow.

Light up
Use nest tables and side table to flaunt interesting artifacts. Don’t forget to light up right with table lamps and such to give a warm glow to the whole room.

Mix and Match Centerpiece
We can put up a five-second centerpiece i.e a mix of clementine’s or oranges and peppermint balls in single glass compote and put up on the table. This will beautify your dining room and you can invite guests for dinner or lunch.

Showcase a Vintage Collection
Get the curtains of vintage ornaments. The vintage element adds the essence of traditionalism to the room. The vintage curtains are a new black for the festive season.

Happy decorating!


Nature at your Doorstep!

‘Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you’.

Do we actually find time to go outside and appreciate nature’s scenery? Do we bother to step out and smell the flowers or soak ourselves in the Vitamin D rich sun rays in this technology driven scenario? Do we actually feel the importance of fresh oxygen for our kids and future generations?

Although all of us must be going out on vacations to hill stations and almost all of us have been awestruck by nature at one time or another. Whether it’s jogging before the sun rises, or even hearing the wind blow through the trees in the morning, being outdoors and aware of the world’s beauty is something that can make you feel energized and alive.

Spending time outdoors with nature leads to many health benefits that contribute to an increase in mental and physical well-being. Here is how the real estate companies are coming into existence and bringing in a lot of ways to make you stay close to nature as they understand how important it is to stay close to nature.

They are putting nature to priority, as it is really important for kids and teens to play outdoor games and grow up smart mentally and physically.

Nature has the power to refresh our mind, body, and soul. It is extremely important to find out time to visit outdoors from your demanding schedule and enjoy the healing benefits our nature has to offer. Spending time outdoors is a great healthy habit to adopt.

Take a break and step out of home because we provide you everything at the doorstep!




Buying a house was never this easy!

The festive season is buzzing and people find it to be the perfect time to buy a house. Earlier, it was really difficult to buy a house but now a days the real estate companies and the banks offer many schemes for the people who have a dream to buy their own house. To let your dreams come true at affordable prices, developers have brought in the most advertised, and probably the most innovative, and of interest, the subvention scheme. Though these schemes have been in existence for few years, but a larger population wasn’t aware about this. Now the developers are advertising it to attract buyers.

How does this scheme works?

There are three parties-the buyer, the banker and the developer. The buyer books the property by paying 5-30% money upfront. The bank in the form of loan pays the rest of the amount to the buyer. The bank disburses the loan to the developer as construction progresses. The most important aspect is that the developer bears the interest cost till possession or for a fixed period mentioned in the buyer-seller agreement. The subvention scheme is preferable for those who stay on rent as they will not have to bear the burden of both the loan equated monthly installments (EMIs) and the rent while their house is under construction. It is an added advantage for the customer as the developer is bearing the interest cost till the construction is on. This is an incentive for the buyers at a time when project delays are so common.

How it benefits to the developer?

In view of tight liquidity with banks, when they are not willing to lend directly to developers, such schemes provide the builders an access to the funds, and that too at a low rate. It also helps buyers, who do not want to commit a big sum upfront as the project might take up more time than the committed period.home-loan_3

Benefits of having Rainwater Harvesting in your building

Although close to three-fourth of our planet is made of water, not all of it is suitable for use. The water in the oceans and seas cannot be used as drinking water and little of it can be utilized for other purposes. As a result, there is a constant shortage of water that is either good for drinking or home and industrial use.

Rainwater harvesting started spreading to areas where there was plenty of rainfall. As a result, the modern day rainwater harvesting system was bought into place. The idea behind the process is simple to collect the rainwater when it falls on earth, store and utilize later.


To reduce the consumption of groundwater, many people around the world are using rainwater harvesting systems. This practice has been around for thousand of years and has been growing at a rapid pace. Utilizing the rainwater harvesting system provides certain advantages to the community, which includes:

1. Easy to Maintain: Harvesting rainwater allows us to better utilize an energy resource. Systems for the collection of rainwater are based on simple technology. The overall cost of their installation and operation is much lesser than that of water purifying or pumping systems. Maintenance requires little time and energy. The result is the collection of water that can be used in substantial ways even without purification.

2. Reducing Water Bills: Water collected in the rainwater harvesting system can be put to use for several non-drinking functions as well. For many families and small businesses, this leads to a large reduction in their utilities bill.

3. Suitable for Irrigation: Rainwater is free from many chemicals found in ground water, making it suitable for irrigation and watering gardens.

4. Reduces Demand on Ground Water: With increase in population, the demand for water is also continuously increasing. The end result is that many residential colonies and industries are extracting ground water to fulfill their daily demands. So, rainwater harvesting helps to reduce the demand on ground water.

5. Can be Used for Several Non-drinking Purposes: Rainwater, when collected can be used for several non-drinking functions including flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering the garden, washing cars etc. It is unnecessary to use pure drinking water if all we need to use it for some other purpose rather than drinking.

Why invest in Real Estate?

Real estate investment is simply the purchase of a future income stream from property. Here are some of the key reasons to invest in real estate.


Attractive and Stable Income Return- A key feature of real estate investment is the significant proportion of total return, accruing from rental income over the long term. This helps reduce volatility, as investments that rely more on income return, tend to be less volatile than those that rely more on capital value return. Real estate is also attractive when compared with more traditional sources of income return.

Gain more leverage- Real estate is one of the few investment vehicles where using the bank’s money couldn’t be easier. The ability to make a down payment, leverage your capital, and thus increase your overall return on investment is incredible.

You can pass it onto your kids- When thinking long-term for your investment, you don’t just have to think your lifetime – you can also think about your children. These investments can be passed onto your children either before or after you pass away.

It’s an asset you can use- Investment or not, your property is still just that – a property. So, should events take a turn which means you have to move into that property, you can (pending rental agreements, of course) whether for the short term or the long term – and, if things change again, you can move back out, leaving your investment intact.

Increased tax deduction strategies- Rental property affords investors with another incredible opportunity to convert personal expenses to potentially valid business deductions. Don’t forget that rental real estate is a business. This means that travel expenses to check on your properties and payments to family members who manage your properties (such as students away at college) can be deductible and increase the tax benefits when it comes to cash flow and the future sale of the property.

The tax write-offs against your other income- Depending on your classification as an Active Investor or Real Estate Professional and your income level, there is a good chance your rental property will not only give you tax-free cash flow, but an overage of tax deductions you can use against your other income. With that said, this is something you want to discuss with your tax professional before investing so your expectations are realistic.