Festive Décor Tips!

Festivals are all about having fun and bringing in a breath of freshness into your life. And the best way to start doing that is to give your home a makeover and get friends over to celebrate with laughter and happiness.

When it comes to festive decorating, often simpler is not only more manageable, but is way more elegant. By working with some beautiful LED’s and scattered fresh greens around the house, and even just gracefully arranging sweets, you can take your traditional decor to a whole new level.

Here are some easy tips on giving your home an instant festive makeover.

Refurbish the Layout
One of the easiest ways of giving your home a makeover is to refurbish the layout of your home. From the drawing room to the bedroom, work on creating a new furniture layout. Add a few statement furniture pieces or décor elements like artifacts in boring corners and light up dull areas to create that warm festive glow.

Light up
Use nest tables and side table to flaunt interesting artifacts. Don’t forget to light up right with table lamps and such to give a warm glow to the whole room.

Mix and Match Centerpiece
We can put up a five-second centerpiece i.e a mix of clementine’s or oranges and peppermint balls in single glass compote and put up on the table. This will beautify your dining room and you can invite guests for dinner or lunch.

Showcase a Vintage Collection
Get the curtains of vintage ornaments. The vintage element adds the essence of traditionalism to the room. The vintage curtains are a new black for the festive season.

Happy decorating!