How to make your home monsoon-friendly

Monsoon rains in India not only bring showers of relief from scorching summer heat to living beings but also serves as the lifeline to country’s economy too. In short rains bring cheers to all, whether the human being or nature everything gets a reprieve and whiff of freshness in induced in the environment by monsoon rains. Like every weather, rains too, affect lifestyle and adapting changes  to home to counter it becomes inevitable. We are imparting some tips that will help you get rid of the dampness and other problems which rainy season bring with it. Not only is it necessary to protect your house from heavy rains, remember the damp air too could cause havoc on your furniture and accessories. Structural changes on the exterior walls ensure protection. Inside, make a few simple readjustments to add to the comfort levels, and to brighten up the mood when the skies are grey and overcast. Here’s how…
Windows and doors: Repaint metal-framed windows with waterproof paint to prevent rusting. It’s common for wooden doors to swell up during the rainy season. This usually happens if the door is not fixed properly, or if the hinges are loose. Get your carpenter to remove the door, and fix it back properly in the frame. In case a section of the door has expanded, because of which it is not shutting properly, get your carpenter to use sandpaper to reduce the “extra”.

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Exterior walls: Get the exterior walls repainted with weather-proof paint to avoid damage. You could also try a water-sealant, a special liquid that’s applied to paint and acts as a protective layer on concrete walls. For maximum protection, have the walls painted after the sealant is on.

Interior walls and ceiling: Before getting your interior walls repainted, get your mason to treat them with water-resistant products, such as wall care putty – it fills up pores or small gaps in the walls and ceiling through which water could seep in. This prevents chipping of the paint, even if the walls are damp; and provides a smooth surface for the paint job. If there is a crack in the walls or ceiling, get it filled up with white cement or plaster of Paris immediately to avoid seepages.

Interior wall protection
Make sure all drains are clear before the monsoons arrive – get your plumber to check for clogging or leakage. Don’t forget the ones in your balcony and terrace. Replace rusted or broken drainpipes immediately. Keep tarpaulin sheets handy – these can be used to cover balconies during heavy rains.

Safe wiring: Get your electrician to do a thorough check of the wiring and electrical connections in your house. Replace damaged wires immediately. Also, get him to ensure that there is no power overload at any electrical point. You may be using multi-plug bars for running two-three power-consuming gadgets simultaneously, which may lead to short circuits. These are dangerous in the rainy season, especially if there’s dampness in your walls.
Carpets: Roll up your expensive carpets; place them in thick plastic sheets, and store them away – the damp weather is not good for them. Instead, you could consider options such as bamboo mats or moisture resistant acrylic carpets for the floors. Also, get foot rugs at your doorstep to ensure mud or slush is not carried into the house.
Drapery: Take off your heavy summer drapes; get translucent or lacy curtains. Since sunlight is minimal during the rains, devise ways to get in as much as you can.
Furniture: Moisture can damage wooden furniture. If you have the option, store away your expensive pieces during the monsoon months. Make sure you keep your leather sofas clean. Soiled surfaces, coupled with the dampness in the air, can lead to mould growth, ruining your leather furniture and accessories.

Decor: Ideally, you should not keep plants indoors during the rains. The transpiration process (when your plant “sweats” to cool itself ) increases the dampness in the air inside the house. Instead, you could bring in artificial ferns or palms if you so wish.
Add some colour to your home decor to uplift the mood. Warm tones such as oranges, yellows, and reds are good options, use them in wall art, cushions or table lampshades. Avoid darker colours such as grays and bottle greens, and minimize the use of whites, beiges or pastels since these are difficult to clean. And remember, your cushion covers and throws also takes time to dry when the skies are overcast, so get more.




Decor tips for summers

Long summer days and soaring temperatures have restricted outdoor activities and compelled people to stay indoors for longer period than before. The indoor temperature with the help of Air-Conditioners and other methods can be kept cooler in comparison to outer temperature but with few décor ideas one can maximize the capability of these equipments and attain more cooling. These ideas will also save upon electricity costs incurred to keep home cool.

With the temperature hitting an upward spiral, it is time for you to get your home summer-ready with simple tweaks in decor. From opting for subtle hues, packing away the rugs and rearranging furniture, the house can get a wonderful makeover with a few tips.

Colours of life: Didn’t they say, first impression lasts long. Spruce up your front door. Add a dash of color to your life; paint the door in bright Colours if you want to make a bold statement. Even if you are living in an apartment, you can put some terra-cotta figurines and potted plants on the front, thereby creating a warm atmosphere for the visitor.

Recycle fabrics and textiles. Lighten up any room by trading heavy fabrics for light and airy ones. As the temperature soars high, take down your old drapes in dark colours and replace them with an open flowing weave such as chiffon or light cotton. Add more life to your decor by adding crisp white, bright solid or even floral patterns.

Clean up your kitchen: Spruce up cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. Put some flowers in the kitchen to give a feeling of freshness. Give your imagination a push and you can indulge in some bottle art. If you are wondering what are we talking about? Then just take out some old used bottles and then paint then in different hues. Or you can even put shells, pebbles in a bottle.

Do away with heavy floorings: There’s nothing as nice as walking barefoot on cold marble or stone during the summer. Remove those heavy rugs and carpets from your living room and give both your home and your feet a chance to breathe.
De clutter: You want a feel of free flowing space. Then de cluttering is the answer. Store away things which you don’t need. Or even have your share of charity by donating things to the needy. Life’s always beautiful when you share. Larger, clutter-free spaces create the impression of a bigger house.

Another spectacular article to add to your home this summer is a patio swing if you have a big lawn or balcony. Else, even a hammock would be an ideal way to spend leisure time. Incorporate pleasant lighting to the area and place an incense diffuser.

These tips along with addition of greenery to the inner environs of house will not only cool and freshen up the atmosphere but will also bring you closer to the nature.


How to spread positivity in living room


A home whether modern or traditional has a living room which is the most happening place. Whether welcoming a guest or having a informal family get-together living room has a very important role to play. In other words it is a place for socializing with other people and spending quality time with family.

Being a prime location in house, living room has to be Vastu-compatible to keep it in sync with the positivity of the rest of home. Hereunder, some vastu tips that will help in maintaining the positivity of living room and help not only have a positive impression in the mind of visitor but spread a feeling of positivity among the residents of home.

-  Keep your living room in East or north direction. However in a south-facing house it can be located in South-East corner.

- If you are not a late night party lover or  want to avoid get-togethers then living room in North-west direction is a good option as the presiding element of this direction “air” will make the guest restless and make them leave the place after some times.

- On the contrary, if one loves to spend more time with guest then the living room should be located in South west direction.

- Keep the slope of the living room’s floor towards North or East. This also applies to the ceiling of the room.

- The door of the living room facing East or North brings wealth, health and overall progress for the residents. South, North-East or South-East facing entrance does bring success but it is hard earned. South Entrance is inauspicious.

- Always keep internal furniture, articles and heavy things in West or South side. If there is no such option then use a base of 1-3 inches height to keep furniture in North or North-East.

-Put the TV in South-East corner, otherwise it will break down often. The family will waste a lot of precious time watching TV only if it is kept in North-West corner. Keep telephone in East, South-East or North, and not in South-West or North-West.

- You can hang portraits of Gods or some beautiful painting in the North-East wall or corner. Do not hang any portrait depicting negative energy eg war, crime, weeping, etc.

- Keep the North-East corner of living area clean and empty if possible. Keep some healthy plants in this corner. Never keep artificial flowers, dri
ed flowers, and cactus or bonsai plants.

These and many other Vastu tips help maintain positivity in your living area and also spread stream of positivity to other parts of house too.