“Platina Terraces is extraordinary as Platinum is!

Anukampa is a real estate giant since 35 years in Rajasthan and has continued to flourish through its pioneering episodes of real estate and residential town planning.  Anukampa has a list of projects under its crown, but a project that is of top notch and extraordinary is Anukampa Platina Terraces.

Anukampa- Platina Terraces is a dream destination, nestled in the heart of the city is laced with finest range of amenities. Sports and outdoor recreational activity has been specially given importance and hence it is added with basketball and badminton courts. The property includes well equipped gym, steam sauna, Jacuzzi, massage parlour, swimming pool, temple, jogging track and meditation corner. The property is children friendly; it has a play area dedicated for the little ones. The intercom connects through all flats and with security room. The property has 24hr maintenance staff that ensures immediate help in times of crisis.

The USP of Platina Terraces, lies in the terraces, personal large terraces that let you enjoy your privacy and time with family and friends. The cool evenings will make your evenings serene. Now you can enjoy your family leisure time at your very own personal terrace with your loved ones around!

Affordability does not always mean reducing luxurious amenities!

New concepts in realty

Housing is one of the three basic needs which are necessary for human survival. It is perhaps such a need for which human being has to strive a lot. Cloth and food the other basic needs are relatively easy to fulfill but it requires a lot of money and effort to own a house.

Gone are the days when average age of owning a house was higher in comparison to present average, i.e. these days average age of house owner is around 32years while a decade and half earlier it was above 48 years. The availability of finance for housing at much liberal terms and introduction of novel concepts of sales in reality sector has helped in reducing it. Likewise, the enhancement in earnings of masses has also prompted them to own a house in an early age. The Realty companies facing shortage in demand are on outlook for lucrative and exiting ways to lure the potential buyers.

Anukampa Group, a leading and pioneer realty group in Rajasthan has come up with a unique offer to prospective buyers with EMI free possession in their ready to shift property Platina Terraces. Situated in Asia’s largest residential colony Mansarovar, Platina Terraces has many exiting features to boast of, which include individual terraces for each apartment and a world-class health club, Club-21 to name a few. Elegantly and aesthetically constructed apartments at Platina Terraces are available without pre-EMI.

Anukampa Group understanding the aspirations of would be apartment buyers has extended a helping hand to them which will make their dreams come true.


Beat the Summer Heat!

Summer is at its zenith. The scorching heat and rising temperatures have badly interrupted the daily routine of people. There are many ways to beat the summer heat out of which some are mechanical and some of them are natural. Among the prevalent mechanical systems installation of water based Cooling and gas based Air conditioners.

Both systems though provide respite from heat and help bring down the temperature to desired level, but they are not environment friendly. Desert or room coolers consume water which is day by day becoming scarce commodity and Air conditioners run on Gas which is detrimental to our Ozone cover which protects us from radiation. We shall suggest some ways which are eco-friendly and help bringing down the temperature.

1. Plant trees and vines: These green-house coolers shade your home’s exterior and keep sunlight out of window. Plant them by west facing wall where the sun is strongest. Climbing vines are good outside insulators. The plant and trees grown in terrace and balcony also act as an insulator.

2. White lime wash: If you are living in an independent house or an apartment situated on the top most floor of the building, then this tip will help you bring down the internal temperature. All you have to do is to lime wash your terrace. This will work as a reflective layer and keep the slab cool throughout summers.

3. Layers of stacked up straw: Another eco-friendly way to keep terrace and internal environment of the house cool. Straw is a natural insulator of heat and lets the terrace remain cool. You can even put a layer of plastic gardening sheets and stack the bundles of hay on top. Either time set a sprinkler or wet the hay three to four times a day to obtain desired results.

4. Cross Ventilation: Keep as many windows/ ventilators open as possible, during early mornings and late evenings. Around 5 am- 8 am and 7 pm- 10 pm. During this time of the day, the air gets replenished without all the harsh heat from the sun. Do not forget to put mosquito nets on them,

5. Use of light colors: In summers, use lighter colours for the interiors. Eg- Bed sheets, Sofa, Curtains etc. Using dark colours will absorb much more heat. Use neutral colours like- whites, cream, peach, sky blue etc.

6. Use Bamboo blinds: Using blinds along with curtains again acts like an insulator to heat from the sun. They can be installed in any existing window, and they look beautiful!

The above tips plus judicious use of electronic gadgets like Refrigerator, Microwave and Heaters etc. during the day will also keep the environment of your house as per your liking.







How Parents help save taxes.

Out of the numerous supports that family extends to an individual, one is financial. Apart from helping one with finances family can help in saving taxes too. Though all the investments and expenditures incurred by an individual are not eligible for Tax deductions, but there are many rules though some complex that provide for tax rebates.

Family dinner

Hereunder, are few salient points to explain how one can legally save taxes with family’s assistance especially in context to parents. Parents not only provide protection physically, emotionally, mentally, financially etc. but help one save substantially on taxes too.

1. Buying health insurance for the family: Under the provisions of section 80D, buying health insurance and preventive health check-up costs for individual, spouse and children up to Rs. 15,000 are entitled to deduction and if one includes parents who are senior citizens will fetch another Rs. 20,000 as an additional deduction.


2. Invest through parents and gift them: If one invests through parents the advantage is that no clubbing rules are applicable on one’s income. Money or gift made to them will not attract gift tax if the cost is Rs. 2 lakh for parents aged up to 60 years, Rs. 2.5 lakhs for parents above 60 years and Rs. 5 lakhs for parents above 80 years.


3. Pay rent to your parents: Another way to save tax is to buy and gift a house in your parent’s name and then pay rent to them if one is living with them. It will not only enable one to claim House Rent Allowance but the parents getting rent can claim a flat 30% of the annual rent in the form of maintenance expenses whether or not they match the actual expenses incurred.

Gift to parents

We have suggested some ways how one can save tax through parents. There can many more ways one can make tax planning involving parents.