Create your own Terrace Garden

Gardens always have a special place in our lifestyles. But with cities growing upwards and spaces squeezing around, it’s difficult to have a garden of your own.

 But if you have a terrace or an extended balcony in your house, a private terrace garden is easy to make! Terrace gardens not only add a touch of green to your home but also give you an opportunity to conserve the environment while showcasing your creativity! Growing plants also has a therapeutic value, which helps you relax.

Terrace Garden

Where the roof is strong enough to support the weight of top soil, it’s a great idea to add a lawn. The sight of a lawn outside the living room / bedroom in a modern apartment can be very striking and at the same time, relaxing.

Alternatively, you can use other hard landscaping materials like tiles and bricks to create a landscaped area and then plant your favourite plants in pots along the landscaping.

Add some colour by planting seasonal flowering plants. You can also match the flower plantation with the interiors of the room that leads to the terrace. This garden will offer you ample opportunity to showcase your creativity.

One thing to keep in mind is the drainage system. It should be such that when you water the plants, the floor or surrounding area does not become messy.

Having a garden in an apartment also calls for some responsibility. Like, while trimming your plants, watering them or performing other beautification and maintenance works, you should not disturb neighbouring houses or spill the shreds over to another balcony or down below in the common area.

Balcony gardens with a variety of potted and submerged greenery are a quiet oasis, showing how well nature can be adapted above ground. And if you are an organic freak, you may also want to pant some vegetables and fruits in it.

 So, if you have a terrace or a reasonably sized balcony, don’t let this opportunity pass, to imbibe nature into your lifestyle!

Festive Décor Tips!

Festivals are all about having fun and bringing in a breath of freshness into your life. And the best way to start doing that is to give your home a makeover and get friends over to celebrate with laughter and happiness.

When it comes to festive decorating, often simpler is not only more manageable, but is way more elegant. By working with some beautiful LED’s and scattered fresh greens around the house, and even just gracefully arranging sweets, you can take your traditional decor to a whole new level.

Here are some easy tips on giving your home an instant festive makeover.

Refurbish the Layout
One of the easiest ways of giving your home a makeover is to refurbish the layout of your home. From the drawing room to the bedroom, work on creating a new furniture layout. Add a few statement furniture pieces or décor elements like artifacts in boring corners and light up dull areas to create that warm festive glow.

Light up
Use nest tables and side table to flaunt interesting artifacts. Don’t forget to light up right with table lamps and such to give a warm glow to the whole room.

Mix and Match Centerpiece
We can put up a five-second centerpiece i.e a mix of clementine’s or oranges and peppermint balls in single glass compote and put up on the table. This will beautify your dining room and you can invite guests for dinner or lunch.

Showcase a Vintage Collection
Get the curtains of vintage ornaments. The vintage element adds the essence of traditionalism to the room. The vintage curtains are a new black for the festive season.

Happy decorating!


Advantages of living in an apartment

Residents of the city are increasingly choosing to buy apartments over land or independent houses. These are several advantages that apartments enjoy over bungalows. Here are a few:



1. Location

Location is the key when it comes to homes and apartments as no one wants to live in a high-crime neighborhood or an area that is far away from work. Location is also one of the factors that most directly affect the price of a building. It’s easier for an apartment complex to afford a desirable location than for a single house.

2. Lifestyle

Another upside of the location is the lifestyle apartments frequently offer. Being close to the action means that everything is literally at your doorstep, from schools, hospitals and restaurants to malls and theatres, sporting facilities and parks.

3. Maintenance

When it comes to an apartment, expect less maintenance than with a house. First off, they tend to be smaller, meaning less upkeep and cleaning. In new developments, it should also mean you’re moving into a brand new facility built to the very latest safety and construction requirements. Likewise, any maintenance issues with the building at large will be handled by the society.

4. Amenities

Things like a swimming pool, tennis courts or a fitness room are things that many people would like in their homes, but may not be able to afford. However, it’s easily available in many apartment complexes – particularly larger ones – as it is easier to have them as common amenities in the premises than in individual houses.

5. Security

An apartment complex offers a certain amount of security – not just anyone can get in. Good buildings have guards at the door, and CCTVs monitor car parks, lobby and possibly hallways or communal areas.

Apartment living offers some wonderful benefits and is definitely a lifestyle worth considering.