Why pay for property space you cannot use?


While buying an apartment or an office, it is important to analyse the quality of the architectural planning, so that do not end up paying for space you will never be able to utilise efficiently. This space is called ‘Negative Space’

Negative Space is the area not occupied by any useful construction. This part of the property plan is often neglected, used inappropriately as an afterthought.

The term ‘Negative Space’ comes from the world of art, where it was used as a composition tool between objects in both two- and three-dimensional work. However, in times of rising property prices, shrinking living areas and smartly designed homes, there should be no room for space that is not utilized efficiently.


Having no negative space in an apartment means, having no neglected or unutilized areas on the floor plan. Since the cost of your purchase is calculated on the basis of square foot area, every inch matters.

Smartly designed apartments and other properties will always have the layout in such a way that your property smartly uses every inch of the space you’ve paid for,  while providing you an airy, efficient and comfortable living / working area.

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Essential accessories for your home

Home accessories can make or break your home. Quirky accessories make great conversation starters. A well-organised room can exude style. But don’t let your accessories just be accessories. Form can be with function nowadays. Gone are the days you had to sacrifice function just to get a stylish accessory for your home. Don’t forget to add your personal touch.


Here are few of the essential accessories for your home:

1. Curtains

Curtains can make or break your home. Choosing one is a matter of colour, length, lining, and fabric. Changing the curtains can even breathe new life in a room. Your pale coloured-walls can be accentuated by bold printed curtains. If you have a sunny room, go for lighter fabrics such as silk and linen while blackout curtains are perfect for bedrooms to block light and control room temperature.

2. Table and Floor Lamps

Lamps can brighten up and even contribute to the overall look of your room. Complement your room by picking a lamp that matches the room’s other furniture and design. Place a blue lamp that matches the same shade as your throw pillows. Choose box shaped table lamps for a modern living room. Place your lamps in places that will not obstruct line of sight between seating in your rooms. Customise your lamp shade to add your personal touch.

3. Clocks

Clocks should not be purchased on a whim. Choose one that can be both an accessory and device for your house. There are now a number of beautifully designed clocks in the market that can match any home’s design. Choose a red or yellow clock to pop up on a plain, white wall. Match your clock to your room’s theme.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors can be your master illusionist. They can make a small space appear roomy. They can also make a room appear brighter. Tile small, square mirrors to give your place an illusion of a fake window. Place a large mirror beside your dining table like fancy restaurants to give you the feel of elegant space.

5. Add area rugs

Rooms that have many layers feel more sophisticated than those that are one-dimensional. Area rugs are a great way to help define different areas within a space as well as add a pop of colour, pattern and texture.

6. Paint

After all, paint can immediately transform a space. Don’t be afraid to go bold with a deep, rich hue, which will make the space feel cozy and will immediately elevate the entire room.

What you should know if you’re dealing with property brokers.

With the current land prices, man force and raw material management involved, building an independent house is a distant dream for many. Hence people prefer to go to a property broker to find a house of their choice that also fits in their budget.

Here again there are many scrupulous brokers taking the buyers for a ride with indirect charges, fake registration titles and many untold sufferings till they are able to take possession of the flats.
Thus, it is always recommended to either deal with the builder itself or be well informed of the buying process before approaching a broker.


Here are few points that every buyer must remember when buying a property through a broker:

Verification of the documents- It is always preferable, before getting in to a deal. Verification is necessary of the land records, legal clearances (whether the plot on which the building stands is non-agricultural (N/A) and has a clear title.), whether the building is in the name of the builder, whether a co-operative housing society has been formed and if yes whether the conveyance of the plot and building in favour of the society has been completed by the builder, the current rate (Rs./sq. foot) of the area, whether the rate offered to the buyer matches with the area rate and the basis – built up or super built up. Check what is included in “super built up” and what amenities will be included.

Construction Quality Check- Have a check on the quality of the construction and ensure that the layout / development has been approved by the Development Authority; most importantly ensure that all documents are legal.

Method Of Payment- It is better that you don not pay the broker a bulk amount in advance. Stagger the payment, and make final payment while occupying the house. This way you can reduce the risk to a great extend. Banks do due diligence before giving away a loan, but, in case there is a problem, they don’t take the risk.

Rules and Regulations- The point of worry for any investor is that in the absence of regulations, brokers are breaking rules with impunity and taking customers for granted. This is the biggest reason for loss of confidence among customers, they be investors or end users.

Tips for cleaning in Spring

In our busy lives and tight schedules, one hardly finds the time for proper cleaning. But there is something you need to know – that a clean and well-managed house brings positive feelings into the family, because as they say, Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


So, here we are, with a few tips to help you organise your house better:


Start from the most messy room or area of the house, so that cleaning a less scattered room makes it less of a burden. Find things that are really of use to you and get rid of things you haven’t used for months. This way, you will find more space for organise your things. It is a bit time consuming, but once done, you’ll save time and energy while searching for things you need.

Make space for the rest

After arranging the house if you don’t find space for everything, try creating some. You can choose decorative baskets, trunks, boxes or crates to keep your things. This way you can clean and simultaneously decorate your house.

 Add cleaning to your daily TO-DO List

Give a touch-up to your home everyday rather than having a whole cleaning day. Make this a habit for lifetime; it hardly takes 15 minutes if you do it as a routine.

Make it easy

Make all the cleaning equipment easy to reach, like the things you use for cleaning the kitchen, should be kept in the kitchen itself. It will be more convenient and less time taking, and also evolve your cleaning habit.

Let them do it themselves

Organising can be achieved single handed, you should teach children as well as other members the importance of cleaning. So that the responsibilities can be divided and working together will also bring everyone closer.

Clean and organise your living spaces before it becomes a task. Give your house a whole new look and feel!

Furnish your home in-style

Contemporary: The one line definition of contemporary style is to decorate with little but stylish accessories. A strong emphasis on line & form, two essentials of nice contemporary design, gives this style its energy. In this style the rooms are designed with abundant open space and natural light in mind, which makes them feel airy and rich.

Eclectic: It is simply the result of balancing the opposites, mixing and matching old and new, East and West, luxury and humble, showy and quiet. The style, if properly managed will give you a feel of curator.

Coastal: This style will give you the feel of seaside living. It is a breezy and bright style, mostly found in white color. You can pull off the look even if you’re hundreds of miles from a shoreline.


Art and Craft: This style has strict rules and parameters, which should be followed perfectly if you really need to have this furnishing style. It has a refreshing honesty and purity of spirit. Arts and Crafts interiors are full of heart and harmony, a holistic reflection of the ideals that gave rise to the Style at the most important place.

Hollywood Residency: It is a larger than life style, full of lavish and luxury ideas and accessories. It gives a modern as well as royal feeling. This design at its highest could appeal a chandelier even for your laundry room.