Ensuring Safety and Security

Every one of us should be aware of our security, outside as well as at home. Be sure of the security of your residence; know what it should include to make you totally safe and sound. Well trained security staff- Your residence needs a team of well trained and authorised security guards to handle any unpleasant situation. 24X7 security- Every one of us needs security every time, so it is very necessary to ensure your all around security 24X7.

Entrance security cabin- It is necessary to have someone to watch the entrance of your home at a security cabin, equipped with an intercom, so your permission can be asked. Perimeter security sensors- It is the requirement to ensure the overall security of the residence. Beside having a secured entrance, you should also be sure of the security of the perimeters of your building, for which there should be sensors to detect any infiltration.

Immediately report any weird and suspicious activity happening around – Report the unusual behaviour of any person in or near your building – Make sure your children have learnt the contact number and address of your home – Properly lock the home and vehicles for the whole day, and especially at night – Save the emergency contact of the society and nearest police station in your speed dial, a little awareness can rescue you from major risks.

Help yourself and others, share the information with your loved ones and lead a happy, secured life!