Create your own Terrace Garden

Gardens always have a special place in our lifestyles. But with cities growing upwards and spaces squeezing around, it’s difficult to have a garden of your own.

 But if you have a terrace or an extended balcony in your house, a private terrace garden is easy to make! Terrace gardens not only add a touch of green to your home but also give you an opportunity to conserve the environment while showcasing your creativity! Growing plants also has a therapeutic value, which helps you relax.

Terrace Garden

Where the roof is strong enough to support the weight of top soil, it’s a great idea to add a lawn. The sight of a lawn outside the living room / bedroom in a modern apartment can be very striking and at the same time, relaxing.

Alternatively, you can use other hard landscaping materials like tiles and bricks to create a landscaped area and then plant your favourite plants in pots along the landscaping.

Add some colour by planting seasonal flowering plants. You can also match the flower plantation with the interiors of the room that leads to the terrace. This garden will offer you ample opportunity to showcase your creativity.

One thing to keep in mind is the drainage system. It should be such that when you water the plants, the floor or surrounding area does not become messy.

Having a garden in an apartment also calls for some responsibility. Like, while trimming your plants, watering them or performing other beautification and maintenance works, you should not disturb neighbouring houses or spill the shreds over to another balcony or down below in the common area.

Balcony gardens with a variety of potted and submerged greenery are a quiet oasis, showing how well nature can be adapted above ground. And if you are an organic freak, you may also want to pant some vegetables and fruits in it.

 So, if you have a terrace or a reasonably sized balcony, don’t let this opportunity pass, to imbibe nature into your lifestyle!

Advantages of having a garden in your apartment

A touch of greenery amidst all the concrete is very appealing to the eye. In case of apartments, you can always go for small hanging gardens, which will add a spark to your balcony.

In addition to the common benefits of serving as a great place to relax, exercise or simply soak in the sun from the comfort of your home or even serve as a great space for hosting barbeque parties, here are some of the more commonly overlooked advantages.

1. Experience

The most important factor, which contributes to the overall look and feel of any home is the experience. To be specific, a visual experience is something, which lasts longer in the minds of people. Aesthetics are essential to any home and gardens probably top the list of things, which provide a visual long lasting impact on any person, as they are closely associated with natural fauna.

Not just a visual, but a mental experience also comes into play by the mood it creates. After a long and tiring day through the concrete jungle, returning home to the sight of that green is only second to that of returning home to your family and/or pet

2. Access to Fresh Produce

The vegetables and fruits we buy from the marketplace are prone to have remnant pesticides, which can be harmful to your health. A garden, on the other hand, can be a source of fresh produce, which is safe to consume. It might take a lot more effort to maintain the produce gardens though, but it sure is worth the rewards. You literally reap what you sow, in this case.

3. Impact on the Environment

The very word ‘garden’ instantly forces you to think of the environment. It doesn’t matter how big or small the garden is, it is sure to create an environmental impression.Plants absorb greenhouse gases through photosynthesis. They reduce the glares from buildings and absorb unwanted noises. It also helps in conserving energy. Pollution can also be minimized to a certain extent.

Gardening is also a way to provide habitat for different life forms. This attracts birds and insects, which are always an added pleasant sight in your garden.

4. Value of Medicinal Plants and In-house Gardening

In addition to growing fruits &vegetables or that rare botanical collection, many gardeners are known to grow medicinal plants, whose benefits are aplenty. Aloe Vera, for example, is a common home grown medicinal plant and is very helpful when it comes to healing, reducing risks of infections and also poor appetite.

If you are planning on growing plants within the four walls of your house, there are some amazing plants like peace lily and snake plant, which are very forgiving.

A healthy and peaceful surrounding is all one wants and having a landscaped garden is truly something to die for. There is no disadvantage, which would overrule the advantage though. Any home will surely look complete, beautiful and more with nature with the addition of a well-maintained garden.