How to prepare your home for the Rainy Season?

Don’t we all love the rains… sitting by a window or balcony, sipping on a cup of steaming hot tea with our favourite snacks! But rains can bring some trouble too; especially if your home is not prepared for it – such as roof leakage, water stagnation around the house, moisture seeping through the walls, etc. So it is always advised to prepare your home well before the monsoon arrives and take safety measures from all perspectives.


Below are some tips to help protect your community and prevent water damage and numerous untimely emergency calls:

•Balcony- Ensure proper drainage in balconies. This is the most prominent area, prone to rainwater leakage!  

•Roofs- Have roofs and flashings evaluated for damages and check for areas that can be sensitive to leaks such as edge metals.  Get proposals for repairs before the rain.

•Rain gutters- Have your rain gutter cleaned of leaves and debris. It is wise to have this done once post autumn and again just before the monsoons.

•Windows and Doors– Check to make sure your doors and windows close all the way with no gaps. This is a very easy way for water to enter and cause leaks, especially on the higher floors. Check for water intrusion around the doors and windows. Look for cracking and stained drywall.

•Pools- Have water levels lowered in pool & Jacuzzi before rain storms. Clean all community and pool floor drains. Store all flyaway items such as umbrellas, trashcans, awnings, and lightweight pool furniture. If you are residing in a residential society, make sure the maintenance staff covers it.

•Electrical– Have all power boxes and exposed electrical wires secured. Any exposed wiring may cause a short circuit or shock.

With the changing climatic conditions, sudden showers have become quite common these days. Thus, it is a good idea to keep your home monsoon-safe at all times!