Real Estate Terminology 5

We have been talking about Property Terms, giving you insight on the terminology that sometimes get difficult to comprehend. Read on further to know more such terms.

Facilities management

The co-ordination of many specialist disciplines to create the optimum working environment for staff.

Fail rent

The rent determined by a rent officer (or, on appeal, by a rent assessment committee) under a regulated tenancy and registered.


An act to regulate certain payments dealing in foreign exchange, securities, the import & export of currency and acquisition of immovable property by foreigners. Under Section 31 (1) of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) of 1973, it is mandatory for foreign corporations, which are not incorporated in India to obtain permission from the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) to acquire, hold, transfer or dispose off in any manner (expect by way of lease for a period not exceeding five years) any immovable property in India.

Fire certificate

A certificate covering matters of safety required under the legislation for hotels, boarding houses, factories, offices shops and railway premises, excluding those buildings containing less than a minimum number of employees.


Relate to the interior permanent furnishings required in a property including HVAC ducting, fire protection system implementation, establishment of workstations and telephone/computer cabling among others, in order to make the property fit for usage.

Flatted factory

An industrial building of more than one storey, usually with two or more goods lifts, and constructed or converted for multiple occupation. The building is subdivided into small, separately occupied units which are used for manufacturing, assembly and associated storage.


Freehold property can be defined as any estate which is “free from hold” of any entity besides the owner.


The full length of a plot of land or a building measured alongside the road on to which the plot or building fronts. In the case of contiguous buildings, individual frontages are usually measured to the middle of any parting wall.

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What are Maintenance Charges? Why should I pay them?

In real estate, the residents or owners of a property in a specific area are charged for maintenance and operations of the commonly owned property areas. This charge is called maintenance charge.

Maintenance charge is generally levied periodically. It is required to fund operations related to upkeep, maintenance and upgradation of such areas, which are not directly under any individual’s ownership.

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The main charges levied by the society can be categorised as  -

(i) Property Taxes

(ii) Water Charges

(iii) Common Electricity Charges

(iv) Contribution to Repairs and Maintenance Fund

(v) Expenses on repairs and maintenance of the lifts of the society, including charges for running the lift

(vi) Contribution to the sinking fund

(vii) Service charges

(viii) Car Parking Charges

(ix) Interest on the defaulted charges

(x) Repayment of the installment of the loan and interest

(xi) Non-occupancy charges

(xii) Insurance Charges

(xiii) Lease rent

(xiv) Non-agricultural tax

(xv) Other charges.

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The Pink City of Jaipur is being viewed by experts as the closest alternative to Gurgaon! The city, while imbibing all the benefits of a big city, also shuns the drawbacks of big cities like pollution, traffic jams and land saturation.

The city is expected to emerge as one of the ten mega-cities of India’s Future.

It has already become a favourite of national and international IT firms and even the major Indian and international MNCs are setting up their feet here.

Prestigious projects including, Mahindra’s 3,000 Acre SEZ, Anil Ambani’s Mega City Development Plans and Hero Honda’s INR 700 Crore plant are in the city’s developmental pipeline!

Several international hospitality chains including Marriott, Radisson, and Hilton have already established themselves here.

What more, by also becoming a major centre of educational excellence and the setting up of schools, colleges and universities of national repute, it has become a perfect platform to grow and nurture talent for the collective growth of the city.

The Advantage

Jaipur is very strategically located at a 4-hour drive from Delhi on the Delhi-Mumbai Highway. With an efficient transport network that offers connectivity via all means of transportation, and the development of the metro link, it serves as the perfect destination to set up shop with both national and international operations.

With the positive development and rich future potential, Jaipur is seeing a massive boom in the real estate sector, which is collectively benefitting the builders and investors of the region. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to invest in property, and watch your investment grow manifold.

Why pay for property space you cannot use?

While buying an apartment or an office, it is important to analyse the quality of the architectural planning, so that do not end up paying for space you will never be able to utilise efficiently. This space is called ‘Negative Space’

Negative Space is the area not occupied by any useful construction. This part of the property plan is often neglected, used inappropriately as an afterthought.

The term ‘Negative Space’ comes from the world of art, where it was used as a composition tool between objects in both two- and three-dimensional work. However, in times of rising property prices, shrinking living areas and smartly designed homes, there should be no room for space that is not utilized efficiently.

Having no negative space in an apartment means, having no neglected or unutilized areas on the floor plan. Since the cost of your purchase is calculated on the basis of square foot area, every inch matters.

Smartly designed apartments and other properties will always have the layout in such a way that your property smartly uses every inch of the space you’ve paid for,  while providing you an airy, efficient and comfortable living / working area.

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